Fotografia a Catalunya

Fotografia a Catalunya (Photography in Catalonia) is the first online platform to comprehensively bring together the culture of photography in Catalonia.

* This project encompasses the following areas: and .

The prime objective of Fotografia a Catalunya is to make known —on a national and international level— historic and contemporary photographic heritage and to serve as a window onto the wealth, quality and diversity of this world.

‘Enterro’, 2011. Jordi Ruiz Cirera

‘Happy Nothing’ series, 2014. Yurian Quintanas

‘Untitled’, 2012. Eugeni Gay Marín

Fotografia a Catalunya aims to:

  1. Provide a useful and efficient tool that permits access in a unified way to information on Catalan photographic heritage, on the theory of photography, preventive conservation and on legal aspects that affect the use of photography, covering the key fields that photographic culture encompasses.
  2. Incentivise the use of heritage photography in academic research, establishing a cross-cutting approach to other social sciences.
  3. Promote a generalised and routine use of heritage and creative photography in the sphere of formal and non-formal education, in schools and other teaching centres.
  4. Generate a community around photographic culture, fostering a sense of belonging among citizens who use the platform to express themselves and to interact through photographic culture.

The architecture of the implemented information favours the navigation and location of all its contents, allowing users to find and retrieve data. Its design is adapted to desktop computers as well as to tablets and mobile telephones.

The core of the website navigation is a menu that drops down to full screen and provides an overall view of the site. It ensures effortless navigation so that users can satisfy their expectations, whatever their knowledge of this subject area may be.

Graphic and typographic details

Using contemporary aesthetics and with attention to detail in terms of the graphic and typographic elements, the website offers —asides from a photographic archive— theoretical and multimedia resources, virtual itineraries and exhibitions that open in various reading levels, making the content accessible to a wide range of users.

And because the predominant feature of the project is the heritage and artistic value of the images, the website platform allows us to view them in high resolution in order to appreciate each and every detail, whilst also providing us with all the necessary technical and theoretical information.


In the framework of the project for Fotografia a Catalunya, a series of printed elements have been proposed to disseminate the photographic heritage in Catalonia and to make known the web platform also designed by DOMO-A.

The poster is a limited and numbered series of 100 copies. It’s planned to be a gift for those who participate the most on social media and help to spread this heritage through the different networks. Once again we try to find an interaction between the physical and the virtual plane.

The card, in 4 languages, has two images that are part of the heritage file, on the other side there are some concepts related to photography represented with typography.

This applications have been designed by DOMO-A, Barcelona 2016.

The typefaces:

  • Garamond and Clear Sans

Papers and Printing:

  • DINA1 Arco Design 180gr
  • Card: 10 × 21 cm Offset Arco Design 300gr
  • Business cards: Sirio Black-Black 280gr, Sirio White 280gr

Product photos by Koldo Castillo.