Xcèntric is an experimental film program and an archive of the CCCB (Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona). Experimental cinema is the one that includes all that is outside of commercial circuits and that uses cinematographic language as a field for experimentation and analysis.

* This project encompasses the following areas: , and .

Experimental cinema uses all possible cinematographic and plastic resources without any restriction in order to express an artistic proposal, which means that, despite the proposals’ diversity we find creative freedom as a common place.

The identity for Xcèntric’s program had to collect all these elements of experimentation, personal mark and creative freedom. At the same time it was necessary that it worked as a frame to show the different proposals without altering them in the least.

Analyzing direct intervention on film material we saw that the “X” was a basic gesture that filled these requirements perfectly. On one hand it has the signal function, it marks a territory, a frame, an election, and at the same time it’s also a personal mark, a gesture that picks up the essence of each author since each “X” is different and shows this unique gesture.

The process for creating this element was to find a stroke, a plastic and manual gesture for this “X” and then integrate it into the logo.

However, the most important thing about this element was that it couldn’t interfere with the artists artworks. So we had a very plastic and with strong character element that worked alone but also with the logo.

‘Sedmikrásky’, Věra Chytilová, 1966
‘Still’, Ernie Gehr, 1969

‘Notes On Marie Menken’, Martina Kudláček, 2016

While developing this element we created a code with the same technique to spread the identity and use them as a sign to recognize different elements. So we end up with three elements that we could use either on physical or virtual space, marking a poster, the program or banners… And also to signalize inside the CCCB where to find the Xcèntric file space.