Master conferences Jaume Sabartés — Museu Picasso Barcelona

The publication makes available to everyone the access and download of different lectures about Picasso. The international conferences are held annually and carry the title: Master Conferences Jaume Sabartés. It can be downloaded in pdf format for you to print and bind it, so you can create your own “book”. It’s also available in epub format for reading on your tablet or ebook.

Master conferences collection covers

It was a matter of making a simple binding, made with common materials for an attractive result. The most important thing about the binding was to group all the conferences and at the same time keep them separated from each other, hence we used pins.

Pins to match-up conferences and keep them separated

Because many references to pictures of Picasso were made, it was necessary that as you read the text you could have the visual reference as close as possible. Since the works are great protagonists we decided to give them their own section in which we can see them on bigger size with data as the title, the year, the technique…

This publication has been designed by DOMO—A, Barcelona 2016.

The typefaces:

  • Freight text and Freight Sans

Printing and Binding:

  • Cardboard A4: Canson B4
  • Paper A4: Cyclus Offset 115gr
  • Pins: 21mm