Museu Picasso — Annual report 2015

The Picasso Museum of Barcelona, with more than one million visitors per year, is located at the Borne district and occupies five large palaces dating from the XIII-XIV centuries. Every year the museum publishes a memo with details of all the actions that have been carried out; exhibitions, activities, donations, etc. For the 2015 memory we have created a tailor-made responsive website, designed and programmed to adapt expressly to the contents of each section.

Animated graphics for the economic data

In order to make the economic data more attractive we’ve made animated graphics and we have searched for subtle elements of interaction that serve as guide for navigation, creating a rhythm of reading according to the identity of the museum.

We show this vitality through the use of color and images, in the animated texts and in the structure of the contents thought from the transparency and the accessibility.

Full screen artworks and data

The Picasso Museum’s one of the references of the cultural life of the city. A museum that studies and disseminates the work of Picasso and with its exhibitions, lectures and activities for scholars and the general public is open and full of vitality.