LOOP Barcelona

LOOP is a platform dedicated to the study and promotion of the moving image, offering a curated selection of video-related contents to a specialised audience. LOOP teams up with an international community of artists, curators, gallerists, collectors and directors of institutions to develop projects which aim to explore the capabilities of video and film in today’s contemporary art discourses.

Every year the platform hosts LOOP Barcelona, a special meeting point that unfolds into three main sections:

The Fair

A selection of contemporary artists films and videos presented by international galleries in a unique viewing experience.

The Festival

A series of proposals related with moving image creation in the form of exhibitions, screenings and live performances around the city.

The Studies

A series of talks, workshops and professional meetings that foster the recognition and appreciation of video and film.

LOOP is not just a festival, it’s also a large archive of works, authors and publications related to the moving image. LOOP also hosts a place where you can find virtual exhibitions planned by collaborating commissioners, where we can discover new themes and audiovisual languages.

The website has been designed with care and respect for the original format and authorship of each piece. It was necessary to create a minimalist video player, consistent with the identity of the website.